Every year the boys and I do fun DIY Valentine’s because Valentine’s Day is one rockin holiday!  Since Valentine’s Day is literally, right around the corner, I thought I’d share some of our *LoVE* inspired ideas for you last minute moms!

Below are 3″ stickers I designed using photos I took a few weeks ago.  These will go on large 4″x6″ cello bags filled with homemade chocolate goodness.

Check your mailbox!  🙂

Every year we do different crafts for different *events*.  This year for school, we made photo cards that gave the impression Charlie and Grayson were handing you a sucker.  These went out to to their classmates.  This was the front of the card…

Here is the back.

For the treats that go out to our friends, the boys like to secretly put the treats in their mailboxes or front steps and *boo* them with valentine’s day treats.

Everyone likes to open something sweet on Valentine’s Day, so why not surprise your family and friends some homemade goodness wrapped all cute in delightful packages!  Dont’ forget to include the chocolate 🙂

This year we made white chocolate covered pretzel sticks with yummy sprinkles.  We usede 2″x8″ cello bags and tied the tags on with either twine {boys} or red ribbon {girls}.

Grayson was my little helper this year.

His cars *watched*.

{I swear, he has every car from Cars 1 and Cars 2, and knows them all by name}.

These are SO easy to make.  Literally,…

 Step 1:  melt chocolate in a double-broiler

Step 2:  drizzle on pretzel rod

Step 3:  decorate with sprinkles

Step 4:  package all cute

You can’t see in the picture, but we even did *baby* pretzel sticks for our {little-r} friends 🙂

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!