I was SO happy to hear from Sara when she called to schedule a session. A little backstory: Sara is an amazing horse trainer in Wisconsin and a wonderful friend at that. She and her hubby live on the other side of the planet from where I live…they live about 45 minutes away from my studio, but I was thrilled to hear they wanted to schedule a session with their newborn. Another story: Little N was born 8 weeks early and had to stay in the NICU for a couple months until she grew stronger, so this photography session meant even more to me (and her mom) than ever. I wanted to come up with something creative to tie in their outdoorse-y lifestyle with something really beautiful. Little N is such a sweet little girl, and quite a charmer I must say, and together we had an amazing morning hanging out in the beautiful country, capturing the beginning moments of her life. Thank you! It means so much to photograph your little one for you! A~